Personal Hobbies

My hobbies includes: Running🏃🏻, Stamp Collecting, PostCrossing📮, Traveling✈️🚅 and Playing Badminton.

[Stamp Collecting]           [PostCrossing]           [Traveling]           [Playing Badminton]          


Stamp Collecting

    I began to collect stamps since 2002 when I was just 9 years old. I like all kinds of stamps but I only collect ones with the following themes:

  • Academic: Famous Universities, Science & Scientist
  • Cartoon: Disney, Pokemon and Marvel & DC Comics
  • Landmarks(especially about places where I have been)
  • Transportation: Train, Railway and Airplane
  • Harry Potter
  • Life: animals, fruits and so on.


    I love to swap postcards with people around the world. Feel free to ask me to swap postcards with you.

  • Selected Postcards I have sent to others 📤: See “Postcard Sent
  • Selected Postcards I have received from others 📥: See “Postcard Received


    Basicly, I love to meet people of diverse cultures. In this way, I could figure out what a wonderful world it is.Below are photos taken by me while traveling. Enjoy it! 😊


  • Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, Japan. Taken in 20th, July, 2015

  • Jiufen, New Taipei City. Taken in 4th, Feb, 2016

  • University of Hong Kong. Taken in 15th, Feb, 2016

  • Clan Jetties,Georgetown,Penang, Malaysia. Taken in 16th, Feb, 2016

  • Badaling, the Great Wall, Beijing, China. Taken in 30th, Apr, 2016

  • Merlion Park, Singapore. Taken in 7th, Dec, 2017

Playing Badminton

  • When I was in my undergraduate years, I was in charge of organizing weekly class badminton activities